The seeds for Woke Urban Apparel were sown at a bar in Venice Beach, California. Two friends, one from El Segundo, California and one from Houston, Texas, who shared connections around work, clothes and music. Tired of what was available in stores, each was making his own custom apparel.  Together, they knew they could do better. They created clothing with targeted messages that were unique and important to them as individuals.

By request, they eventually turned to creating custom pieces for close friends and family. It wasn’t long before they were overwhelmed by demand, and the one-time hobby transformed into a mission to bring the world a unique clothing and apparel experience that is not only exclusive but also thought provoking and inspiring.

At Woke, our goal is to deliver a brand that creates a lasting emotional connection to the socially aware that will change the way they view statement-based apparel. Our designs present a curated collection of historical events that shaped today’s world. Each piece from our collection is a limited edition road map, a snapshot of history. Our clothing is made from durable fabrics that are uniquely soft and comfortable to wear. We vet our suppliers carefully, and we seek to source only from ethical partners who meet the standards of the team at Woke Urban Apparel.

Woke is not just a lifestyle brand.  It’s a turning point with its own roots in a historical movement.  We encourage everyone to do their own research, question the official story, and examine all the evidence. Information is power. When we act with knowledge, when we speak informed truth to power, we can change the world.


Our mission is to bring a unique clothing and apparel experience to our clients that is exclusive, thought provoking and creates a lasting emotional connection to the socially aware that changes the way they view statement based apparel.

As part of our mission, Woke Urban Apparel will donate a portion of all sales to the following charities/organizations:

The King Center
Black Liberation/Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter Houston
Equal Justice Initiative
Habitat for Humanity
United We Dream