Woke Movement Series

Series I was a limited edition release. The inaugural series sold out within hours of release. We curated a sequence of meaningful historical events followed by supporting content to drive home our thoughts and vision. This included Angela Davis – Black Power, Alain Vasquez’s – Black Lives Matter, Cesar Chávez – Coretta Scott-King, The Federal Reserve, JFK – The Limo, LBJ – Swear to God, and MLK – Death of a Legend.

This was just the beginning!

In Series II, we have curated a list taking on the complexity in our history, with links to the current world around us. It is important to note that a complex thing can’t be made simple. You simply have to try to deal with it in all its complexity and hope to get that complexity across.

Series II will be released over the course of 2021. Every other month there will be limited edition release on the first of the month.

Thank you for all of your support as we continue to push forward. We’ve got big plans in delivering more powerful and impactful content and products expanding our lineup.

History remains a set of lies agreed upon and we will continue to dissect and challenge the past to change our future.