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Want to make a fashion statement and a political statement in the most comfortable hoodie you’ve ever worn?

Meet the Woke men’s hoodie, featuring ring-spun cotton and a fleece lined hood, as well as a ribbed waistband and cuffs. The fabric is a 70% cotton/30% polyester blend and is sized generously. Pair the Woke men’s hoodie with just about anything to create a look to remember.

To learn about the inspiration for the Black Lives Matter hoodie, click here.

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Series I - Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.  Few phrases generate such raw emotions as the aforementioned.  It’s a phrase that evokes unity, yet at the same time provokes division.  How can three simple words affirming the humanity of a particular group even be disputed?  How can a mantra seeking to lift those up who have been put down be so controversial?  In response some would ask “Well, don’t all lives matter?” But they’d be missing the point.  Because declaring “Black Lives Matter” isn’t suggesting others don’t.  The reason it’s “Black Lives Matter” is because ever since that first slave shipped dropped its anchor in 1619, Black Lives in America have been treated as if they don’t matter.

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2 reviews for Black Lives Matter Hoodie

  1. Peter

    This hoodie is amazing. Love the material and the design is sick!! Thanks Woke.

  2. Jamie Dale

    I love the quality and the historical significance!

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